Faint Florals by brandon bishop

This was a personal project i’ve had kicking around in my head for some time. I’ve seen a handful of portraits in milk bath scenes but I believed the addition of the varying flowers as well as some standalone shots of the flowers really tied this series together for me. Elena (@slomez91) was an absolute pro and pleasure to work with. Below you’ll see a few behind-the-scenes images where Elena breaks and her infectious smile can’t be contained any longer; so good I’m thinking it should be a series of its own.

This is the soundtrack to the shoot just let it play in the background.

Moto Campin' by brandon bishop

Jack’s Sally was at it again. I captured this set on a recent motorcycle adventure with the MC down towards Orange Co. Virginia after shredding the outskirts of Albemarle County on some classic rides. Solid crew and a gorgeous day. Knees in the breeze, baby.

Game of Thrones - Baby is Coming by brandon bishop

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing good friends weeks before parenthood. Maternity shoots are always funny to me because the guys are about as awkward as Ricky Bobby on camera. Luckily Stephen here is a natural and really opened up towards the end of the shoot. We found this terrific faux fur blanket that really shouted bare-bottom boudoir, unfortunately (thankfully) his wife, Kendall suggested a different approach.

Before falling in love with photography and image making, I had a torrid love affair with art and design. So, whenever I get a chance to break out the wacom tablet and Photoshop I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m heading in a direction with my work that will hopefully blend the two passions seamlessly and provide my clients with an overall image that is both technically captivating while maintaining the essence of a raw image.

Then again, such as in the example below. You just have to go over the top and create, sans limits. 


Milky Way Hunter | Now on TLC by brandon bishop

… I wish. 

After nerding out over NASA’s new Pluto pics I couldn’t resist stargazing, myself. I’ve had these images in my head for quite awhile and was super stoked when the New Moon night called for clear-ish skies. I actually don’t mind the clouds on the horizon. I think they add a great color and dimension to the milky way above. Taken at one of my favorite places in the world with a great deal of sentimental value to me in Crozet, Virginia.

Thanks to my long time brotato chip, Chris Fortier for being the trigger man while I tried to signal intergalactic batman in that last image. 

Motorcycle Adventurin’ | Jack’s Sally MC by brandon bishop

I’ve probably watched this Show Class Magazine “Chop Dreams 2012” video about a hundozen times. Charles Bukowski’s,  “You Know, and I Know, and Thee Know” seems to have become the unofficial anthem of today’s biker. Definitely has become a source of inspiration for myself personally to get out and experience more of the ephemeral sunsets. Below are a few images made on a recent adventuring through the back roads of Cismont, VA. 

Joseph Aaron | Nashville’s Up-and-Comer by brandon bishop

Recently had the pleasure of photographing one of Nashville’s baddest Piano players, Joseph Aaron. You’ve never heard keys slain like this before. If you’ve got a second check out his new EP, It’s pretty gnarly. Joseph Aaron | The Mountain, The Lion and the Labrador. Richmond, Va served as our awesome backdrop for the day. Shout out to Lamplighter Coffee for fueling our long day with their freaking fantastic coffee.