Game of Thrones - Baby is Coming / by brandon bishop

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing good friends weeks before parenthood. Maternity shoots are always funny to me because the guys are about as awkward as Ricky Bobby on camera. Luckily Stephen here is a natural and really opened up towards the end of the shoot. We found this terrific faux fur blanket that really shouted bare-bottom boudoir, unfortunately (thankfully) his wife, Kendall suggested a different approach.

Before falling in love with photography and image making, I had a torrid love affair with art and design. So, whenever I get a chance to break out the wacom tablet and Photoshop I thoroughly enjoy it. Iā€™m heading in a direction with my work that will hopefully blend the two passions seamlessly and provide my clients with an overall image that is both technically captivating while maintaining the essence of a raw image.

Then again, such as in the example below. You just have to go over the top and create, sans limits.